Saturday, July 14, 2012

DIY clay embellishments

Oh so much fun. My friend Sylvie had given me some of her Martha stewart crafter clays. And I loved it. So I wanted to try some myself. Then I remembered when I was still soaping I used something called Amazing Mold Putty. That stuff is amazing I tell you. . So I searched for it went to town making my own molds from various charms and doo daads that I had. This is what I came up with so far and I'm now coloring them. So much fun. The MS clay is very light so I went and got some sculpey clay. Between the two I really like the Sculpey clay better, but the MS had its benefits as well. The MS clay dries on its own and doesn't need to be baked like the sculpey. the MS is very light weight when dry which makes it harder (I think) to decorate. So here are some photos and a video of what I've done so far. Enjoy...


  1. Very nice! I am unable to open any of your videos.

  2. Thank you. Oh no, you can try to look me up at kayleensoap on YT