Monday, August 27, 2012

Dress form hair clip hanger and a card for a new baby

I've put both of these together very quickly but loved how they turn out. I saw a video of someone one YouTube did the dress form hanging it so I had to do my own. I cut the dress out of the Artise cartridge by CTMH and I loved it. I covered the front and back with papers except for the back I places my papers upside down to cut. I learned that the hard way from making the onsie mini. Anyhow so I went and and embellished but didn't want to over do because I will be adding more of my little girls hair clips on there. The card for a sweet lil baby girl. Thanks for looking

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  1. Hair clips in our house seem to grow legs over night and in the morning when we are in the hurry to get ready for the kindergarten.