Thursday, September 20, 2012

Doilies doilies and doilies!!!!!

Ok so I am crazy in love with doilies. As a matter of fact I'm so crazy that I decides to feature them on my Zibbet store. Omg I'm so addicted to them it's not even funny. So just in case you guys don't have access to them or to a cutting machine, I will have them for you. They will all be on my Zibbet which you can find the link on my side bar or ;) but I just want you guys to be the first to see my doilies collection and of course it will be growing oh so very soon. ;) I'm also listing at a reasonable price to what I think anyways. Basically 50 doilies for $4 plus shipping, unless it's a bigger doily which is 5 inch then it's 50 for $5. Plus ship. I also plan to cut them out in popular paper collections like primas or kaiser crafts. So here they are...... Drum roll please...... I give to you, my most recent addiction:

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